Gero plaster is a family medicine that has been passed down to the Okuda family for a long time.

Bringing the spirit of
"learning from the past"
to the future

Our History1

The origin of the company

Inherited from successive generations of Okuda Mataemon Gero Kou(anti-inflammatory and analgesic Plaster)

Gero City in Gifu Prefecture is known for Gero Onsen, one of the three best hot springs in Japan.
Okuda Mataemon was an osteopathic doctor located in a mountainous area far from Gero spring area.
He used "anti-inflammatory and analgesic Plaster containing herbal medicines" as a family heirloom medicine.
This was the beginning of "Gero Kou".

The name "Mataemon" has been passed down from generation to generation along with the medicines in the family tradition.
Among them, "Mataemon" the Fifth was a particularly skilled osteopathic doctor.
He was born in 1887 and lost his father at the age of 12 in 1897, but by that time he had already mastered the necessary skills and had inherited the name "Mataemon".

As his skills became more and more advanced over the years, rumors spread that he was a "divine" practitioner, and patients came from all over.
Even people who had received treatment elsewhere and could not be cured were cured after one or a few treatments by Mataemon.
In the early Showa period (Beginning in 1926), more than 200 patients a day came from all over the country, and nearby private homes became guest houses for patients waiting their turn. There are records that there were seven private residences.

Our History2

Aspirations of Tradition

Sold as over-the-counter drug in response to demand.

Gero Kou became an over-the-counter drug in 1934.
Many patients begged us to sell it.
First, we established Rokugosha, the predecessor of the present company, and obtained approval as "Higashi Ueda Kou" and sold it for the first time.

Since then, through the twists and turns during and after the war, manufacturing and sales continued with the aim of improving quality.

In 1972, the 7th generation established "Okuda Mataemon Kou Honpo" as a joint-stock company in order to leave the name of "Okuda Mataemon" to posterity.

Our History3

We will continue to help self-healing

Product development in step with the times


Gero Kou is made primarily from Hwang Oak and Bayberry bark.
Among paste ointments, Gero Kou has a relatively high content of Hwang Oak, so is characterized by its yellowish color.
Currently, we are developing products based on this raw material and manufacturing method.

One of the products, White Gero Kou was created about 50 years ago in order to improve on the fact that the raw material left a sticking mark on the skin.
The main ingredients and indications are the same, but the manufacturing process is somewhat different.
Green Gero Kou also contains bamboo grass and thinly sliced mint to give a cool sensation to the skin.
With the growing need for "healing" and "comfort," our body and skin care products, which are modernized versions of traditional medicines, have also been well received by customers.

We will continue to meet the needs of our customers by focusing on self-medication and physical and mental refreshment through the use of traditional and home medicines.


  • Gero kou

    Gero kou

    A patch that treats neuralgia, arthritis, and chronic pain such as the lower back and shoulders. Ingredients of Chinese herbs and herbal medicines are effective for chronic pain. You can choose from 3 types of pain.

  • Nagomi Series

    ”Nagomi” Series

    An aroma sheet with a scent of natural essential oils arranged in a modern style, making the best use of the manufacturing method of "Gero kou". We have a lineup of many scents such as cypress, lavender, eucalyptus, yuzu, and ginger.

  • Yokihada


    A series of lotions and soaps that focus on Japanese and Chinese botanical ingredients, suppress inflammation, and contain moisturizing ingredients. The spherical soap is jelly-like.

  • Hida cosme

    Hida cosme

    We make various cosmetic products with the know-how cultivated in the manufacture of "Gero kou". Using natural Japanese and Chinese ingredients, we are developing milky lotions and lotions that heal various parts of the body.

Message from the President

We are grateful for our geographical location and are committed to herbal medicines.
and face to face with pharmaceuticals.

Our company is located at the western foot of Mt.Ontake.
The reason why we have been able to make ointments since ancient times is because of the abundance of oriental Hwang Oak that grows wild in this area, which is easily obtained.
Since then, we have continued to manufacture pharmaceuticals using Japanese and Chinese ingredients.

Gifu Prefecture is also the production center of Mino Washi (Japanese paper).
Mino Washi is durable, breathable, and comfortable to the skin. On top of this, it is coated with natural plant ingredients that we have formulated.
We are grateful for the fact that we have been able to continue to produce Gero Kou for a long time because of these geographical advantages.
We are grateful for the advantages of the land.

Nearly 90 years have passed since the company was founded. Inheriting the spirit of our predecessors, we will continue to develop new products derived from herbal medicines with the spirit of "learning from the past" to meet the needs of our customers.
We will continue to meet the needs of our customers.

President and CEO HINATA Yasunari

Company Profile

Founded August 1th 1934
Established December 1th 1972
Headquarters / Factory 552-1 Higashiueda, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture 509-2201
TEL: +81-576-25-4781
FAX: +81-576-25-2220
Directly managed stores 28 Mori, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture 509-2202
Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00
Holidays: Irregular holidays
board member Chairman and Representative Director OKUDA Mataemon
President and CEO HINATA Yasunari

Headquarters / Factory

Directly managed stores